Children's Menu (includes Fries and Drink)

4oz hamburger                                                4.50

4oz cheeseburger                                           5.00   

Grilled Cheese                                                   4.50

Chicken Strips (2)                                              4.75

Mac N Cheese                                                   4.50



Cheese                                                                                  .50

American, Swiss, Provolone, Pepper Jack

Dressing                                                                                50

Ranch, Italian, Dorothy Lynch, Blue, Thousand Island

Condiments/sauces                                                          .50

Sour Cream, Salsa, Tomato, Cheese

Add bacon                                                                           1.00

Add extra beef patty                                                         4.50


Wings (10)                                                   7.00

 Naked, BBQ, Buffalo, Mild, Med, Hot, Parmesan Garlic,  Asian Kick, try em fire grilled.

Jalapeno  Poppers                                    6.00

Cream Cheese stuffed Jalapeno poppers

with ranch.

Jalapeno or Sweet Corn Nuggets        6.00

served with ranch or honey     

Cheese Balls or Sticks                               5.50

Cheddar Cheese balls with ranch

Mozzarella Sticks with ranch.

Pretzel Bites                                                  5.50

Bite size warm soft pretzels w cheese dipping sauce

Deep Fried Green Beans                          5.50

Whole Green Beans, breaded, with ranch.

Fried Dill Pickle spears                            5.50       

Pickle Spears breaded, deep fried

with ranch

Deep Fried Mushrooms                          5.50  

Battered Mushrooms with ranch or cheese sauce.

French Fries                                     2.50/3.50

handmade potatoes fried golden brown.

Onion Rings                                                  4.50 

hand cut onion rings battered and

fried golden brown.

Chili Cheese Fries                            5.00/7.00

Homemade French fries smothered in chili, cheese sauce topped with onion and jalepeno slices

Chicken Strips                                       5.50

2 strips with choice of sauce

(3) Chicken Strip Basket                      6.50

3 Chicken strips w fries as a basket w BBQ or ranch






Prime Rib Philly Cheese                                                       8.95

Shaved Prime Rib smothered in sautéed onions/peppers

and melted Swiss on a toasted hoagie bun.

Prime Rib French Dip                                                            8.95

Slow oven roasted shaved prime rib on a toasted hoagie

served with au jus.

Chicken Breast Patty                                                             7.95

Breaded 6oz breast on toasted bun. 

Flaming Chicken                                                                      8.95

Same as above but dipped in buffalo sauce w pepper jack cheese

sliced jalapenos on toasted bun


Handmade Pork Tenderloin                 6.75

Huge breaded Pork Cutlet deep fried

golden brown on a toasted bun

Best In Town Rueben                              6.95

Sliced Corned Beef piled high on marble

rye with sauerkraut and thousand island dressing.

Corned Beef Philly                                   6.95

Corned beef smothered in sautéed onions

and peppers on a toasted Hoagie with melted

swiss cheese.


3) Chicken Strip Dinner                           7.95  

3 tender breaded white meat strips deep fried

golden brown, w fries or rings, and salad.

Ribeye Steak 9oz                                     14.95

Boneless 9oz USDA select rib eye steak, cooked

to order, rare, med rare, medium or well done. 

Served w choice of potato, salad bar and garlic toast.

Ribeye Steak 12oz                                  16.95

Boneless 12oz USDA select rib eye steak, cooked
to order, rare, med rare, medium or well done. 
Served w choice of potato, salad bar and garlic toast.

Lighter fare

Naked Beef Patty                                       7.25

Our 8oz burger patty served

"naked" with side salad and light dressing                          

      Burgers/Sandwiches served w French fries or 1.50 more for onion rings.

All menu items can be ordered to go

Crescent Road house Bar and Grill.


                (cool months only)

                cup 3.00/bowl 5.00



Fountain/Canned soda                               1.50

Diet/reg Cola, diet/reg Dr Pepper, Rootbeer, 7up, Mt Dew

Lemonade, Iced Tea, Coffee                                       1.50


Chef Salad                                                 6.75

Iceburg lettuce with turkey, ham, American

Swiss cheese, onion, tomato with your choice of dressing.

Ranch, Italian, Dorothy Lynch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island. 

Dinner Salad                                            3.25    

Iceburg lettuce topped with shredded cheese,

onion and tomato. w choice of dressing.                              

Salad Bar     Tuesday and Saturday Night (for now)

One pass bowl                                                          4.25

All U Can Eat                                                              6.95

To Go Small                                                                4.00

To Go Large                                                               5.95


Mac N Cheese cheese burger                               8.95  New Item

8 oz cheeseburger smothered in homemade

macaroni and cheese on a toasted bun              

Hamburger                                                                     7.00

1/2 lb grilled beef patty on toasted bun

Cheeseburger                                                               7.50

1/2 lb grilled beef patty w choice of American, swiss,

provolone or pepper jack cheese on toasted bun.

Double/Double Burger                                                7.50

2) 1/4 beef pattys w 2) slices cheese on toasted  bun..

Bacon Cheese Burger                                                  8.95

1/2 lb beef patty with cheese and 2 sl bacon on

toasted bun.

The "Roadie"                                                                     8.95

1/2 lb beef patty w roasted sweet red peppers, sautéed

onion, provolone cheese on toasted bun.

The  Farm Burger                                                            8.95

1/2 lb beef patty,  sl of ham, fried egg and cheese on

toasted bun .

Western Burger                                                                8.95

 1/2 lb beef patty, bacon, bbq sauce, pepper jack

cheese on toasted bun.

Patty Melt                                                                              8.95

1/2 lb beef patty w sautéed onions on marble rye

Mushroom Swiss Burger                                                 8.25 

1/2 lb beef patty w mushrooms and swiss chees on

toasted bun                                           


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